Day 13: Almost half way done and almost half way there (Sep 19 2012)

It's day 13, and almost half of what is needed is raised. I'm a little shocked. It's still wonderfully nerve-wracking and scary, but the reality is things are right on track.  That is because of you, my lovely community. Since this is true, I think its time to trust you with a failed attempt. Yesterday was cold here in Chicago, at least compared to the heat that this central cali girl is no good at. Work  was a bit of a disaster and I wanted to somehow do my part while being on the couch with my cats. So, I did that, and at the end of the night I thought, " time to get back in the studio. You're slippin." Its not that what I made is so horrendous, its just stupid. And stupid wont do. I am reminded again that this project is to get me back in the practice of seeing what does work and also what doesn't. So, here is last nights pin. It looks like an awkward bloated bean. 

Sending Love and receiving it.