Day 14: Everything changes (Sep 20 2012)

Another particularly heavy day at work yesterday had me in tears when I arrived home. The beauty of the process right now is that things change and this week- they change quickly. I am scared one minute that I will never pull this off or anything that i care about for that matter- and the next minute I am laughing and joyful over the sudden surge in support, or my ability to see through my own personal darkness.  I have been longing for light, and light shows up. Often what keeps me taking deep breaths is that everything changes. Just like my mamma coaches to her laboring women- No contraction can last forever. The night has an end- joy comes in the morning. It will get dark again, because thats just what happens. But each time I walk through it, I learn more about Love. And that makes it all worth it. Art as a process of loving.