Transition: Days 16 &17 (Sep 22 2012)

Today was a sweet day. Really, so was yesterday. My Jake has been treating me-awesome. Meaning, I am getting treated left and right! Last night, after spending the evening with my sister Adeline(which was also hilarious and rejuvenating), Jake and I met up for a date. We went out for sushi at a place called Kyoto. Internally I was giving Chicago one more chance to do right by me with their sushi. I know I am spoiled rotten by california sushi- but seriously-everywhere we have tried seems like its trying to cover up something with fried-ness. Kyoto was a victory in the sushi department-thank God. We had a blast even with the college boys a couple tables down giving me a jumpy fright every few minutes with their shouts of, "SAKI BOMB!" and then a slam of fists on the table. From there we went across the street for a night cap at my most favorite bar/pub yet, called Lilly's in Lincoln Park. Lilly's reminds me of the north beach(San Francisco) saloon called Vesuvio. Really warm, and full of odd nooks and crannies and a whole lot of color. We arrived there as a lovely band started to play and we stayed way past when we intended. It was really good to give my heart and soul a boost- and from there came yesterdays piece...

Day 16: For letting the light in

Today I went to track down a UPS package that has been dodging me all week at the only holding center for all of Chicago. It was a zoo, but, what was waiting for me was an enormously generous donation of supplies for my studio from an old friend. This package was one of two that I have received this week from people wanting to give in this way. It's extremely exciting and a bit overwhelming. In a good way. Thank you so much, to the two of you. You know who you are. I'm touched. 

and todays piece...

Day 17: For keeping your heart safe along the way

I am finding that what I hoped would be true, is. Each time I make myself available to my studio, with an open heart and desire to see what happens- something gets made. I know what it is like to get stuck. I am sure I have a healthy dose of "stuck" in my future, but I am soaking up each moment that is not that. Hoping and trusting that this grace being given me right now-will last.