(for "Social Conditioning" with Femina Potens Gallery) These works were part of a collaborative concept developed between myself and Chrystal Powell  during our residency at Vermont Studio Center and shown later at Femina Potens Gallery in San Francisco. We both chose organs, bones and cells and created installations that were using the body's parts as metaphors for what goes unsaid, or invisibly transpires between two people or more in relationship to one another. We employed obsessive and repetitive process' as we dove into ideas relating to relationships and virulence, passion, sickness, wellness and layers on layers of interpersonal dynamics.

Chrystal created a full set of human teeth from carving chalk, a stuffed stomach with a re-constructed magic 8-ball inside with invented sayings one might hear from a 'gut' and built a set of intestines from shredded paper, embellished with miniature poetic writing and connected at each point by one piece of fine red thread.

My contribution included stitched "blood cells", a set of metal lungs and bronchial sacs, a metal rib cage and sternum, and the heart.[gallery ids="346,433,347,348,342,343,344,434,338,339,340,432,341,435,436,437"]