[gallery ids="1143,1142,1144"] Through a small series of fortunate choices, Maia Leppo and I found each other. As fellow metal smiths and transplants to the great city of chicago the same summer, we discovered a shared desire for a new space to show our work. Lucky for us, Chicago knows how to welcome and make room for a couple of passionate, hard-working girls. We have the privilege of partnering with Revolution Brewery, who hosts our events, of which there have been 3 thus far. We curate and organize groups of amazing artists several times a year to bring you the Revolution Craft Show Chicago. Should you be interested in learning more about our shows, or even better, join us as a vendor, please visit:                                                   revolutioncraftshowchicago.wordpress.com

We are endless fun and we would love to have you!

Sydney and Maia